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Frequently Asked Questions

I love all of your stands, but I’m overwhelmed! In your opinion, what should I do first when thinking through what I’d want my cake stand to look like?

The first thing we always suggest when you’re starting out is to take a close look at all of our collections. That will help you get familiar with the types of systems we have. When you see something that you like, make a note of what collection you saw it in and what it’s called. You can always give us a call at (608) 296-2300 and we can take you through them one-by-one and answer any questions you have.

Do you ship your cake stands out of state? How about out of the country?

Yes, and yes! We’ve been shipping cakes nationally and internationally for several years now, and we’ve got it down to a science. Shipping prices will vary by cake system as well as state and country. There are a few things that logistically we can’t offer a rental option for — more about that in the question about renting systems below.

Do I have to get an entire system, like the ones you show in your photos?

Not at all. We’ve designed our cakes to be mix-and-match, and all our products are made to integrate with one another. If you see elements from different collections that you’d like to blend together, we’d love to work with you to design a system that works for your style and budget.

I’m on a budget. Is there a way that I can rent one of your cake stands/systems?

Yes, but only in the continental United States. Complete cake stands can be rented for weddings and other occasions, such as birthday parties or bridal shows. Similar to purchasing a cake stand, we can work with you to design something that will be perfect for your event. There are some policies and a non-refundable deposit we ask for, so if you want to learn more, head over to our Rental Information page for details.

When you head to a particular cake stand or system’s page, you’ll be given the option to “Purchase” or “Rent”. If an option doesn’t show up, it means that particular stand or accessory can’t be rented.

Where can I see examples of customers who have used your cake stands and systems?

The best two ways to see our stands in action is to head to our Facebook and Instagram pages. The majority of what we post on those two platforms are photos of cakes that satisfied couples have sent us over the years. If you’re a couple or a wedding professional that has used our systems and loved them, we’d love to see your cake! Simply post a photo to our Facebook page or email us a photo at

You were so great to work with, and we loved our cake! Where can I leave a review?

We’re glad you asked! If you had a great experience working with us, we’d love to hear about it. Facebook would be the best place to leave us a review, and we also have pages on Wedding Wire and The Knot.

Where can I find a store that sells or uses your stands so I can take a look at them in person?

If you’re near the central Wisconsin area, we’d love to host you at our showroom in Westfield, WI. If you’re not close to our neck of the woods, we’ve got a great group of wedding professionals, cake decorators, and other distributors that use our stands. To find a location near you, fill out this form on our site and you’ll have access to the location list.

What are your business hours?

We know that many couples are planning their own weddings, and we also have plenty of wedding planners and professionals that are working around the clock, too. Our goal is to be available when it makes sense for you. Give us a call at (608) 296-2300 and we’ll always do our best to pick up (unless we’re sleeping, of course!). If email is more your speed, send us a message at and we’ll schedule a time to talk. If you’re able to visit us in person, we do like to book those appointments ahead of time, so give us a call or shoot us an email to get the ball rolling!

I love the cake stands, but I need a cake, too! Can Joanne make my wedding cake?

If you’re in Wisconsin, absolutely! You can find more information on Joanne’s wedding cake business by heading to our other website, The Knock Shoppe’s Country Cakes. Because of logistics and delivery, we need to limit her cake-making to within Wisconsin state lines.


Wedding Cake Serving Chart

This serving chart indicates the approximate number of 1" wide x 2" long x 4" high slices that you can expect to serve from each two-layer tier.

Shape Size Servings
Round 6" 16
8" 30
10" 48
12" 68
14" 92
16" 118
18" 148
Square 6" 18
8" 32
10" 50
12" 72
14" 98
16" 128
18" 162
Hexagon 6" 6
9" 22
12" 50
15" 66
Rectangle 9"x13" 54
11"x15" 77
12"x18" 108

Serving chart provided by Wilton® Magazine 1978

Additional Wedding Resources

Below are a few vendors and businesses that can help with some of your other wedding needs.

Cake Decorators & Rentals
The Knock Shoppe's Country Cakes
Westfield, Wisconsin
Cell: 608-369-1314

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